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Bob Beil Makes an impact through Legacy Giving

Bob Beil Makes an impact through Legacy Giving

"I've had boats since I was 15," said Bob Beil of Mukilteo. As a youngster, he enjoyed the lakes near his home in Spokane. As an adult, Bob and his late wife, Amy, loved their time boating on the water.

The Beils were in the sand and gravel business in Albany, Oregon. But, they moored their boat near Portland-some 70 miles north.

Their theory: if the boat were close to home, they'd just tinker, rather than actually boating. But, if the boat were further away, they'd be more likely to enjoy weekends and extended voyages on the water.

In fact, they cruised offshore from Oregon to Puget Sound nearly every summer. So, when it came time to retire, they settled in Mukilteo to take advantage of everything the Salish Sea had to offer. True to form, they moored their boat, the Omega, an hour north in Anacortes.

While they believed "out of town" was good for storing their boat, they made a conscious choice to keep their charitable giving local.

After relocating to Washington in 2000, the Beils decided to restructure their estate plan. Together, Amy and Bob chose to include their new local hospital- Providence Regional Medical Center Everett -in their will.

Then, in March of 2016, Amy suffered a devastating stroke. She was transported to Providence, and admitted into the intensive care unit. Unfortunately the damage from the stroke was too severe, and a few days later she passed away with Bob and their children, Barbara and Stephen, at her side.

The family couldn't have been more pleased with the care Amy received. "I'm deeply indebted to them all," Bob said, "from the doctors and nurses who provided exceptional care, to the harpist who played for Amy in her final hours."

Bob is still an active supporter of Providence and a charter member of the new Providence Legacy Society, which honors and recognizes those who've included Providence in their estate plan.

"A hospital is an important community resource and worthy investment," Bob continued. "I'm grateful the people of Providence have been there when we've needed them."

And Providence is grateful for the Beils-for their generosity and investment in the future of Providence and our community through their Legacy Gift.

To learn more about supporting Providence through a planned gift, please contact Tina Gilson at (425) 258-7422 or Tina.Gilson@providence.org.